With her broad palette of tone colours, her captivating stage presence and the tremendous joy she displays while playing, saxophonist Eva van Grinsven has won the hearts of both press and public. No matter what the musical setting or style may be, to Eva the story behind the notes always comes first.


Berlage Saxophone Quartet
Berlage Saxophone Quartet
Eva van Grinsven and Helena Basilova
with Helena Basilova
Sax and Stix
Sax & Stix

"Eva belongs to a generation of passionate and highly talented young Dutch musicians that prove that great art can be timeless top entertainment. A classical concert as a truly great experience."

Haarlems Dagblad


Since 2016 I am teaching the classical saxophone with passion and dedication in the beautiful historical city of Maastricht. I love to share my experience and knowledge of (chamber)music and the saxophone with my students.

My goal is to get the most and the best out of my students, and to look for their individual identity as a player…


Rendez vous Russe Eva CD
Rendez-vous Russe
Cafe Dansant CD
Café Dansant


E: evavangrinsven@hotmail.com
T: 0031-(0)613235579

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Full & short Dutch/English biographies

Megumi Suite
Megumi Suite
New Amsterdam
Bach Goldberg Variationen Berlage Saxophone Quartet CD
Goldberg variations


Martin Ballade
Podium Witteman
Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival 2020
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